Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Smoldering Under the Eyes of God

This is old, from my day working near the Religious Fiction section in the bookstore. I thought if there is Fiction, why can't there be romance?

Gabriel carried me across the bedroom threshold; it was the night of our wedding. I could feel his muscles underneath the tight white dress shirt and when I grabbed my veil, as it slipped off my head, my hand brushed against his forbidden package. Before this night, I felt like Eve as she stared at the forbidden fruit. I dreamed of the day that I would be able to satisfy my own desires and partake the fruit of Gabriel's loins. Today was that day and as he carried me, I felt the lust of my whole body surge toward him. Unlike Eve, I knew that God would not punish me tonight for the pleasure and knowledge that I would receive when I fulfilled my desires and tasted Gabriel’s fruit. We had both waited, devoted our life to God's great word and tonight we were finally sanctified to fulfill our deepest desires.

Gabriel gently set me onto my feet once we were in the room. I suddenly felt cold as he took his arms from me, I only wanted to live in the world of his embrace. But these feelings of comfort moulded to desire as he kissed the back of my neck and started to unzip me from my dress. As my back was exposed, he whispered that our abstinence had brought us that much closer to God. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck tense at his warm breath and I felt another rush of primal urge surge through my body. I turned to see him slowly unbuttoning his shirt. The muscles in his arms strained at each button and as he took off the shirt it reviled his hidden muscular toned frame. His torso v-ed up from his pants, each ab was defined and his skin fought to hold in his pecs. At that moment he was my ultimate Adam and in a fit of passion I drew him to me and kissed him. This time I did not feel the guiltiness and sin because we had been approved under God and I gave up all resistance to my sexual urges.

Our passion swept through both of our bodies and Gabriel swept me onto the bed. I gasped at the impact of the soft down comforter but my surprise was interrupted by a furry of passionate kissed. He stood up and removed his pants. Again I marveled at his frame. When he stood up his briefs reviled the outline of the fruit that I had most desired, and when he finally lowered himself back on top of me I could feel its pressure against my thigh. I gasped again as he caressed my neck with his supple lips; he whispered that he loved me. The sexual energy radiated from our entwined bodies like a halo. He was my own archangel, so soft but also so powerful. In these moments of passion we quickly removed the rest of our garments. 

For the first time we saw each other in our most pure and naked form. I stared in wonder at the package that had remained hidden from me for so long and that I desired most and he stared back at me with the same lustful eyes. I wondered how Adam and Eve could have been so ashamed by there nakedness; after all, we were all sculpted from the image of God himself. Gabriel was magnificent unclothed and I truly felt the pressure of his masculinity against my thigh as he resumed kissing my neck. I felt my body reel as he hit a particularly sensitive spot on my neck, as I relaxed back down into the bed he asked if I was ready. I knew that I was and I whispered to be gentile. I was not afraid because I felt that God was truly among us at that moment.

Gabriel gently entered; I felt the initial tinge of pain and tensed up but relaxed knowing how beautiful this act was. He sensed my tensed body and asked if I was ok; I reassured him it was with a deep kiss. Only then did he lower, merging us, our pelvises gently brushed each other, and our stomachs gently brushed. Our bodies melted into one in our first act of real passion. I was in ecstasy and I could tell from his face that he was there two. We were like Adam and Eve in the garden before they sinned by eating the fruit, ignorant to knowledge but versed in our animalistic nature. All of God’s creations and promises lay before us. Gabriel was kissing my neck, I was kissing back and the sweat from our bodies eased the transition of hands as we explored the others bodies with our hand. 

And then, it happened. I felt his breath grow heavy and I felt mine grow with his. When I thought that our passion could get no stronger I saw the great light explode from our bodies. It reached beyond the confines of our small hotel room and up to the pearly gates of heaven. They opened before my eyes. I screamed to Jesus and felt Gabriel’s seed explode into my body. He collapsed on top of me with one last kiss. I was absorbed in the Godly light and I stared at heaven. Gabriel lay at my side and as the light gave way to reveal the hotel room leaving the heavenly flame to smolder in my heart, I told him that I loved him. 


  1. You should expand this into your 50,000 word NaNoWriMo novel you're penning in November.

  2. And then submit it to Talia because she works in the field.